Is This Game Dying?

The matches I already have in que are expiring while it’s also taking me a long time to get into any arena matches. I thought this game just came out recently? What’s goin’ on??

Bite your tongue :yum: i love this game!

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You’re preaching to the chior. It’s just I haven’t had too many games of mine finish recently, and match making seems to take even longer than before. I hope people aren’t quitting.

This is what I’m starting to see more of

I thought that when no opponent was found it would connect you with an AI automatically.

Arena or ASync? Async ist much easier then Arena :slight_smile:

Well, yes, But ASYNC and Arena score is not the same

That was arena. Async games are becoming expired. Recently I’ve started getting into games again but I never knew the game connected me to a.i opponents. Now it makes sense why “players” attacked the statues I built to block pathways. Man wouldn’t waste their time with things like that, so now I’m wondering if the pvp is really pvp.

Usually it’s pretty obvious if you’re fighting a bot or a player, judging by their names and their actions.
I’ve never had a problem getting into an arena match, having started playing a couple days ago. Maybe your matchmaking level is too high and nobody else has played that much yet? That’s my best guess.

@Klepto the game just launched globally a month ago, so the game is still new and at it’s infancy, therefore player base is still small and there are still some stuff we need to fix and rebalance.

But don’t you worry, we’re actively marketing the game now and continously tweaking a lot of things in the game as we go along. Baby steps. :slight_smile:


The team hasn’t thought about paying some famous youtuber to play and test the game?
Doing this with various well-known youtubers would attract a lot of new players to the game.

Yes, it has been in our thoughts, I actually did a bit of those during soft launch, but we’re putting most of our marketing efforts on UA via social media platforms now because it’s more cost effective. Content Creators nowadays are so expensive and you’re not sure if you will get value out of that outreach.


The reason your matches don’t finish is when people know they’re losing, they don’t respond. Also the arena thing also happens to me. Try a few times, the game will find one.

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Since its new release, will you ever have more special offers like the starter pack? I narrowly missed my chance to get it, but I’d love to support the game as it is one of the best I’ve played in a long long time. I also think special offers would attract a larger playerbase

There aren’t that many special deals.
Would love to see some more.