No Players/AI to play with

Hello there! First, I’d like to say that this game has a bright future ahead! I super love the game! However, I’d like to raise an issue that I’m currently experiencing in-game.

To share you my story, I got super addicted and I was really eager to learn the ropes to advance in the arena, resulting to me in being the current top 1 (don’t get me wrong, I just grinded all the way… I’m not strong, my phobies are average and yeah… 44% winrate lol).

After I reached my current league (Strangers III), I don’t have any opponents anymore, resulting in a possible waste of grind + I can’t play in the arena… My aSync also is maxed out with half of it with pending games.

Right now IDK what to do next. I just play with my frenemies. I think I’ll be wasting my free daily rewards today if I can’t grind.

Hoping to have a solution for this. More power!

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To be honest,

I don’t think there’s a solution for this. The game’s still on soft launch, on 2 countries—meaning that there aren’t many players for us to compete with 24/7 just yet so for me, it’s normal that there’s no one to compete in arena for now because of that. It really just depends on the number of players that are playing daily. Maybe soon when the game officially launches worldwide, more players will come in and we’ll have more players to compete against with daily.

Also, I hope AIs get removed from Arena and aSync in the future (or make it not add points to our ranks) as they also increase your rank points which for me seems somewhat unfair. Although they are smart enough as if they are players, it’d be better if our rank best comes from competing with actual players from around the world (or PH and ID for now haha).

However, if these AIs are meant to balance our winrate according to my friend’s theories, then I think it’d be fine to keep them I guess, just so everything’s fair and balanced.

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Hi Jimp,

Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I understand that we are still on a soft launch meaning less players but that shouldn’t hinder a new player to enjoy fully the game. I mean, this is the best time to introduce more AIs since we don’t have enough players right. Imagine, I haven’t played a single arena game today (no opponent) and less aSync games (mostly pending). If we want to retain players on this soft launch, there shouldn’t be any blocker in the game features.

Though, I agree with you in removing the AIs in the future - only if we have enough player base to cover the games with no idle time. Or possibly, AIs will be there depending on the number of current players online something like that.

TLDR; it’s better to play with AIs than not to be able play at all. XD

Sit back and relax for now, dii! hahaha

I agree on you about having AIs depending on the current players online.

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Btw dii, join the discord server! Everyone’s waiting for u Mr. Top 1

Hi Jimp,

we do not allow AI in Arena past a certain level for exploit reasons and to ensure your being matched fairly, as we match by player rank. Once we have more players in Soft Launch and launch World Wide, we’ll see a lot more players.


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Man i knew you’d reach #1, but yeah even rn i barely find any opponents, the struggle of being an early player :wink: Also your post about the game should really help later on global launch considering your fan base of course, also l’d like to meet you on gt whenever you’re free :smiley:

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Expect more posts from me as I would want to have more players in the game to play with~ haha! Hit me up a DM in IG so we can meet in-game. :slight_smile:

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Alrighty, i’m @drwhoneedslove on ig :slight_smile:

Oh, I see! That’s nice.