Last part of making this dudes phobie recommendations because he doesnt want to draw and ive got nothing better to do: Eggbert and Eggward

I kinda forgor to do these ones :skull:

Note: expect them to be overpowered, according to him, since these “seasonal” phobies (which the pink outline will be indicating), are only available for a certain amount of time and everyone has them

Both are 2 keys and monster race

Eggbert (dont ask about the background i didnt focus on it :sob:)

Something doesnt smell right here
Hp: 1000
Atk: 240
Atk range: 1 single target
Movement: 1 walking
Passive ability: Rotten to the core
On death, it gives every adjacent phobie poison over 3 turns
Death range: 1 AOE
Poison: 230


Some say hes grown into the egg and doesnt want to get out
Hp: 600 (ik the icon is red it was a mistake)
Atk: 320
Atk range: 1 single target
Movement: 2 walking
Passive ability: Release the cracken
Upon death damages every adjacent phobie
Death range: 1 AOE
Damage: 560

Pair bonus ability for both phobies: egg hunt (my name idea)
Gain 1 movement for as long as friendly easter bunny is on the map

(@Yarrr 's idea)

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