Part 4 of making this dudes phobie recommendations because he doesnt want to draw and ive got nothing better to do: The Easter Bunny

Note: expect them to be overpowered, according to him, since these “seasonal” phobies (which the pink outline will be indicating), are only available for a certain amount of time and everyone has them

Last one dead is a rotten egg
He wanted cartoon looking undead bunny, with excessive mouth, and so i gave it a bit of a skeletal mouth
Race: Undead
Keys: 8
Hp: 3000
Atk: 900
Atk range and type: 1 and single target
Movement: 1 walking
Active ability: Hop
Move an extra 4 tiles
Ability cooldown: 1
Ability movement: 4 bypassing
Pair bonus ability: Egg hunt (my name idea)
It does nothing to him, but does something to Eggbert and Eggward who are coming soon
Eggbert and Eggward: approximately 2-3 business(not business) days

(@Yarrr 's idea, take a look please)


POV: Springtrap is coming to colonize Phobies

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In theory the fear of animatronics exists so a cameo phobie could also exist

Yeah i like that

And i know this game is based on phobias, but what phobia exists of a radiator, a stinky flying piece of cloth (smiley), a balloon, a pony, or a ghost with an axe attached to it (eternal knight)

Some of the exists, exept for the fear of radiators and the fear of whatever is smiley

Blast-0 is just the embodiement of IMA FIRIN MA LAZAAAAAR,
Rockus is just a ball of goo with rocks attached to it,
Blinky i dont even know, a meaty eyeball thing with a monsterous hand hidden in it
Some examples of stuff that i dont even think represent any phobias

those are the phobias you have when under the influence of drugs

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I think Blinky is supposed to be a biblically accurate Angel

Shouldn’t it be a dimensional phobie then?
Maybe Beauty is more suitable for an angel?