Match deadlock

Sometimes I encounter a scenario where both players are not capable of winning, because any action will lead to defeat. In the scenario from screenshot there are 4 possibilities:

  • If enemy tries to destroy my heart, my phobies will finish his heart faster
  • If my phobies try to destroy enemy heart when enemy is nearby, enemy will kill them instantly
  • If my phobies try direct combat, they will die
  • If enemy moves toward my phobie, it will run away and the second one will start attacking enemy heart
    So pretty much any action other than keeping current positions will lead to defeat.

This is async mode, so I suppose both of us will skip the turn endlessly… Which is quite disapointing. Probably one of us will win only if onther one will get tired and surrender or simply quit the game for 3 days. There is no much fun in it.

Luckily situation like this happens only in 0-2% games. But it would be better if it never happened.

Have you considered a sudden death? Lets say both players would receive 50 damage every turn after turn 30. It would get rid of the deadlock issue.

imagine if this would have happened you in Arena mode. :anguished:

In the Arena mode it happened to me once. We both set up some defences with ranged units and both had the same amount of panic point. Eventually my opponent got bored and decided to engage, moving his units into the range of my ranged units. He lost the match because of that.

The game can actually end in a tie, if you lets say, kill their last dimensional with your last unit and it dies from the dimensional’s damage. It’s rare but can happen.

Knowing that, I think they should add a new rule that if no enemy damage is done after X turns, when both teams have 0 keys, it should end in a tie.

I guess it would solve some deadlock scenarios. But what about cases where players still have some keys, buy they don’t play anything? In the scenario from screenshot I wouldn’t be able to win even with 1 extra key. I suppose there could be situations where both players have set up defences and still have the keys, but they wouldn’t be able to summon more phobies and it would be not wise to attack the opponent.

If you have keys but can’t summon anything and your last active unit dies, you do lose the game. So the same mechanics could be used for a tie.

Yes, it’s true that you lose when you can’t summon a phobie when you have 0 phobies left. But what about situations where you can’t summon a phobie because the board is full and no player wants to engage in combat because it would lead to his defeat?

LoL well someone will eventually run out of patience and will have to try something risky or come up with a plan to kill one (or more) units. If you have max units on board, there is definitely a way to do something

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