Mechanical phobie ideas

Ideas for phobies who are the phobie type of mechanical


Health : 2300 (level 1)
Attack tiles : 1
Attack type : line of sight
Attack damage : 1500 (level 1)
Rarity : rare
Key cost : 5 keys
Phobie type : mechanical
Movement tiles : 2
Movement type : walking

passive ability : malfunction (only lets the phobie to attack 3 times so choose wisely)

Ability :

its a bird its, a plane its a ATOMIC BOMB!

Blows up like the other booms but deals 2000 damage and poisons phobies who are still alive so it could be a great counter to cerberus.
Poison damage : 700

Based on : atomic bombs

story : a phobie created in phobie. Inc to be the absolute super weapon of destruction

Fears assosiated :

  1. Atomosophobia (fear of bombs)
  2. Radiophobia (fear of radiation)

There should be another phobie called BADABING who’s ability’s called “fuggedaboutit”