New circus phobies ideas

Name: Chuckles
Classification: Monster
Key cost: 5
Card type: rare
Hp: 900 at lvl 1
Dmg: 500 at lvl 1
Movement speed: 1
Attack range: 3
Ability: Balloon Fears

Balloon Fears: Chuckles creates a balloon animal copy of any phobie that is within a straight line from Chuckles, the Balloon phobie only moves 1 block and has 900 dmg at lvl 1 attack range is equal to the copied phobies range, the balloon phobie has Hp equal to 50% of the copied phobies health.

Name: Magician’s Assistant
Classification: Undead
Key cost: 4
Card type: uncommon
Hp: 750 at lvl 1
Dmg: 500
Movement speed: 1
Attack range: 2
Ability: Ain’t no Trick

Description: looks like a magician’s assistant in a box stabbed with swords, attacks by flinging swords with mouth.

Ain’t no Trick: the Magician’s Assistant sheds the box to reveal that they are actually stabbed with multiple swords, and now moves 2 spaces instead of one.

Name: Juggalo
Classification: Dimensional
Key cost: 4
Card type: uncommon
Hp: 1000 at lvl 1
Dmg: 600 at lvl 1
Movement speed: 3
Attack range: 2 lob
Ability: none

description: Juggalo is a Dimensional phobie that looks like a clown on a unicycle juggling a bunch of pins,

Name: Ringleader
Classification: Dimensional
Key cost: 10
Card type: ultra-rare
Hp: 4000 at lvl 1
Dmg: none
Movement speed: 2
Attack range: none
Ability: The Show Must Go On

Description: a smiling man wearing a red and black ringleaders outfit with a red tophat that shrouds his face in shadows.

The Show Must Go On: the Ringleader twirls his baton and causes both Hearts to become invulnerable to attacks, also causes panic points to return to being unclaimed, ability lasts 3 rounds, recharges after 5 rounds.

Name: Strongman
Classification: Mechanical
Key cost: 7
Card type: rare
Hp: 7000 at lvl 1
Dmg: 1000 at lvl 1
Movement speed: 1
Attack range: 1
Ability: Iron Stomach

description: Strongman looks like a mechanical strongman and is based on a real guy who had an iron stomach.

Iron Stomach: allows Strongman to take 30% less damage from line of sight attacks.


Oooooo i like this, i like all of these, i actually like these so much that i’ll design these, one by one
(Nevermind, i cant do it)

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