New map feature ideas: Caverns and tunnels

  • Mine carts: They are obstacles that move on rails in every turn. They can’t be damaged or stopped, and if you’re in their way they’re gonna push you.

  • Trap doors: They switch between normal floor tiles and abysses every 2 turns. Phobies standing on the tile when it turns into an abyss fall and die.

  • TNT Barrels: They can be targeted like an enemy. When hit they explode, damaging everyone around in a 1 tile radius.

Explotion damage: 750

  • Gasoline puddles: They do nothing, unless they’re ignited with a fire attack. When ignited, they turn into a fire tile for 3 turns. If there’s a trail of gasoline, the whole trail will lit on fire.

Fire damage: 150 per turn


What if the cart can be activated only by phobies with an electric attack?

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That’s interesting, would be fitting for a mechanical themed map