New Phobie: Holy Carp!

Holy Carp

“You’d better pray he doesn’t want to touch you too”

Unit race: Monster
“Holy Carp” is a black fish with a priest collar

  • Movement: 2
  • Attack Range: 1
  • Attack Damage: “Unholy touch” does extra damage to undead
  • Ability: “Seed of damnation” - Splashes holy water on the enemy freezing it in fear. 2 turns for undead, 1 for others.

I am leaving the other stats empty as it’s too hard to guess and it depends on where in the key cost would seem appropriate.
The key thing is there should be characters that have a bonus attack against undead, in the same way as there is an electrical attack damage bonus against mechanicals.

Another character with the same ability could be “Sister Mercy” (She has none). Possibly a mechanical Nun wielding a ruler.

Religion is scary!

(p.s. not quite the image I wanted but I got bored talking to the AI image generator)

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