New phobie idea: Fin

Name: Fin
Classification: Undead
Key Cost: 5
Card Type: ultra-rare
Hp: 1100hp at lvl 1
Dmg: 450 at lvl 1
Movement Speed: 2 under obstacles
Attack Range: 1 block radius
Ability: Submerged

Submerged: Fin is submerged with only his fin sticking out, while submerged only takes 75% of the damage and gains a 200+ dmg boost, when attacking at all, becomes able to take full damage, re-submerges at the start of the phobies turn.

Description: Fin looks like a small undead Wobbegong Shark that swims most of the time.


So hes finnigans dead cousin and he acts like an undead tiny tim but takes only 25% damage

So tiny tim, but UR, More damage, more health, an ability, and has a damage block effect thats better than tiny tims?

My suggestion:
HP: 1100
Dmg: 450
Movement: 2 and bypass
Attack Range: 1
Ability, Submerged: Fin, like the name states, is submerged. While submerged fin takes 75% of damage but gets a base 200+ attack boost

(Still looks like a Wobbegong Shark)


Ooh your changes for Fin are awesome, i like the idea of a damage boost as part of his ability.

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thanks! i hope it gets added to the game, if its too op then it might not be.