New phobie idea #5: Iron Maiden

Unit race: Dimentional
Card type: Ultra-Rare
Key cost: 7

Base stats:

  • Health: 2000
  • Ground movement: 2
  • Attack range: 1
  • Attack damage: 640

Active ability: Gotcha!

  • Ability range: 1
  • Ability duration: 2 turns
  • Ability cooldown: 3 turns

Iron maiden can catch 1 enemy phobie in front of her. Once captured, the enemy phobie inside Iron maiden will receive all the damage she receives. If Iron maiden dies after she caught a phobie, the phobie inside will also die along her, no matter how much health it has. However, Once Iron maiden captures an enemy, her ground movement lowers to 1.

This phobie is based on “Algophobia”, the fear of pain. I have more phobies cookin so be ready for more


Cool, i also designed an iron maiden phobie but it just kills whatever it catches. Didn’t think anybody else had an interest in an iron maiden as a phobie. Also how the heck is an iron maiden moving 2 tiles??

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I think it should move 2 tiles at first because it would take too long to move her across the map, besides it seems more balanced to make her slower when she captures a phobie

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