My two original phobie ideas that I would love to see added to the game

Hey there fellow phobies enjoyers! Today i bring you 2 original phobie ideas that I would love to see added to the game.This first started off as me posting some fanart to the official discord server where it got quite a bit of support from the members and moderators.They suggested I make a thread here about my phobies,so here I am :smiley:

1st idea - Cleith

Stats: health: key-value400* power: key-value150*
movement type:ground damage type: ranged overshoot 2

Cleith got his name from cleithrophobia(the fear of being trapped).When summoned,Cleith consumes all of the users keys and gets stats based on the number of keys used.If keith is summoned with 4+ keys he gets acces to the following ability:
Ability"The gates open"- Cleith creates a keyhole on the ground in a 1 tile range. This keyhole allows one phobie to be directly summoned at that location. Once used up, the keyhole vanishes.

Mini Backstory: Cleith is one of the great gatekeepers, and as such it is his job to keep the battlefield and phobie realm separate. He holds the phobies chained deep down in the catacombs and waits patiently for keys to be offered up a scrifice, after which he releases the beasts to wreck havoc in the mortal realm.

2nd idea- Dr.Metathesis

Stats: health:1000 Power:none
Movement type:teleport damage type:none

The doctor gets his name from metathesiophobia (the fear of changing your circumstance).
Dr.Methathesis considers himself a dignified gentleman and as such he sees fighting as barbaric and beneath him. However, he still loves the sweet taste of victory therefore he will help his allied phobies crush the enemy heart as long as they are the ones doing the dirty work.(this was just a fancy way of saying that this phobie dosen’t deal damage XD)

Ability “Swap”:This unit swaps places with any allied phobie on the field.

The idea behind this card would be to swap him with low mobility heavy hitters like cerberus so they have 2 free hits.Or you can get him into a group of enemy phobies and swap him with sheeping gas for example.

Mini backstory: There is none. He’s kidna misterious

NOTE: Im not an artist, nor am I a game designer, so the art,stats and abilities might not fit the feel of the game or might ruin game balance.I understand that these phobies of mine would have to go through quite a bit of a rework to be playable.I think they’re fun Ideas tho :smiley: .

PS: Rarely if ever do I get so passionate about a game to the degree of going on forums and discrods servers and posting fanmade stuff.I guess the game just reminds me of my childhood when I played Yu-gi-oh capsule monster colliseum on py PS 2 for days on end.It has a very similar gameplay to phobies so the nostalgia hits hard.
If any developers are reading I just want to let you guys know that you did an amazing job of combining gameplay,art and personallity in this game. Hats off to you!


Love both these ideas.


love to hear that! Thank you! :smiley:

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Amazing idea for the second guy. Athough i hope the ally unite would need to be close to him (like at least 3 tiles) to swap because otherwise, it would be a too op combo with other tough phobies (too strong). But love the idea


I assume that this would be their level 1 stats? (since every phobie grows by 3% when leveling up so it’d be hard to judge otherwise). :slight_smile:

I think Cleith might be a bit too hard to balance (will either be underpowered or too good IMO - His current version becomes kind of problematic when a lot of keys is used).
At lower key levels he seems fine (for 4 keys you get a 1600 health, 600 attack unit which is fine since it’s only 1 movement and has some utility (comparing it to something like Unbearable))
But then if you begin looking at him as a 8 cost unit it begins getting a little crazy (suddenly you’re looking at a 3200 health unit with 1200 attack that lobs… Compare that with Doughzer and the snowman will be very sad. (similar movement, 200 less health, no lob attack and less than half the attack power).
It gets even crazier at higher key levels (Imagine if you’ve been left in a stalemate with your opponent for a while and you summon him for like 13 keys… That’s a 5200 health unit with 1950 attack - That’s not okay :stuck_out_tongue: )
Also as a side note I think (although not sure) keyholes might block you from standing on them outside of when spawning units, (maybe even going over them?) so his ability could maybe be used as a obstacle too which is kind of cool.

Love the idea of Dr Metathesis :smiley: , seems like a fun type of unit to play around with which can be used to enable a lot of other phobies that otherwise don’t see too much play (such as Bad Sushi which is trash right now, any of the boom-bots that sac themselves. He could even be used with something like Mr Tramples who would then Bull Rush it’s way out of enemy lines again dealing damage on the way).


Thank you for taking the time to write your balance and implementation ideas!It means a lot to me that someone cares about my ideas :smiley:

I agree,the majority of the cards would have to be changed in order to be balanced,but I think cards like these would be a fun addition to the game.

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thank you :D. I wish cards like these get added in the future


It’s always a pleasure to see our community come up with their original phobie concepts and being able to see them brought to life via image is wonderful as well. :slight_smile:

We’ve definitely brought up the idea of contests based around community concepts. We’ll continue to forward these ideas to our team, though!


thank you so much for keeping up the positive community!


My absolute pleasure! I have all of you to thank for that, though! I shall not take all the credit! Haha. :slight_smile:
Keep coming up with fun designs! I look forward to them! :smiley:


I really like these. Normally I am not too fond of the phobies ideas people make because they are generally ridiculous in terms of power etc. These seem relatively balanced, or at least, able to be balanced. I for one have been really feeling like the game needs a unit that lets you swap with allied units. The keyhole one is not something I thought the game needed, but I think it would add to the game in a positive and fun way. I hope they look into these, because I’d really like to use them in-game. Great job!


Please visit this profile topics if you want event with phobies creating. Anyways I think your ideas is so good. If this event happend you defenitely have a best chance to win it.

Bravo! I am impressed with your passion and creativity. I like this post very much, and in fact I would love to see Dr. Metathesis as a playable Phobie. That would be quite fun.


Cleith’s attack is too high, with 6 keys it has 2400 health and 900 attack, much stronger than Cerberus. I think attack will be the problem. because it is liner growing, which too strong in high keys or too weak in low key.

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These ideas are both really neat

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