New Phobie idea: Aglaar

classification: Dimensional
key cost: 10
Card type: ultra-rare or even stress unlock
Hp: at lvl 1 2500
movement speed: 2 through obstacles (like grimes)
Dmg: 800 dmg + 100 dmg per round afterwards at lvl 1
Dmg Traits: Soulfire
Range: 2 block radius
passive ability: Eye’ll Be Watching You, Not On My Watch
activated ability: Sovereign Lullaby cooldown: 3, range: 3

Aglaar’s passive ability Eye’ll Be Watching You: at the start of Aglaar’s turn enemy cards will be revealed while still in the vault, max amount of cards revealed is matches the keys that the opponent can use. ex: 9 keys will show all 9 key phobies the opponents has that is not on the field.

Aglaar’s second passive ability Not On My Watch: at the end of Aglaar’s turn any continuous effect poison, fire, etc is cured after taking damage from the effect.

Aglaar’s activated ability Sovereign Lullaby: units targeted are petrified for 3 rounds ending on the opponents turn, in which time the petrified phobie cannot be harmed and is immune to moved, stasis, etc.

Soulfire damages and heals Aglaar 100% of the damage dealt, if an enemy phobie is killed by soulfire it acts as a single block trap for 1 round, soulfire lasts for 3 rounds.

Aglaar’s Attack animation is creating a small rift pulling a greatsword from it and doing a full 360 swing with it.

Backstory: One time when i was 13, i was sleeping and had a dream with Aglaar in it, ever since then i have permanent lucid dreams, Aglaar said that they were the King of Dreams and Nightmares so they should be a little op, i hope that Aglaar makes it into the game someday, btw the faceparts rotate like a rubix cube as the idle animation.