New Version and Phobies: The Vampires

Version: The Moon of Vampires

Idea 1: Dracula

  • Type: Monster
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Cost: 7
  • Life: 2000
  • Range of movement: 2
  • Type of movement: Flying
    It rests in its normal form but when moving it transforms into a bat and flies, it cannot rest on obstacles but if it is pushed it transforms into a bat and looks for a free space to rest.
    • Damage range: 1, single target
    • Attack Damage: 600
  • Bleeding Damage: 100, incurable
    He uses his fangs to attack any phobie except mechanics and skeletons and leaves bleeding, when he kills a phobie he transforms into a minion of Dracula.
  • Duration: 3 turns
  • Cooldown: 2 turns
    Summons a mist from his position and a 2 tile radius. While inside the mist all friendly phobie will become invisible to the enemy, they will move and attack without being attacked.
    PASSIVE ABILITY: The Night Fury
    Deals an extra 100 damage to minions, 200 to wolves like Daisy or Snowball, and 300 damage to Dracula’s three wives (Marishka, Aleera, and Verona)

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These new alien phobies are pretty fun and interesting, but they’re also pretty strong. It really sucks to be a free to play player right now but I know if a few months it’ll balance out. Just crazy how many players have gotten even the ultra rares up to 10+ levels, can’t imagine how much money they’re dumping.

It is summoned by killing a phobie, depending on the cost of the phobie, it has more statistics: a key is 200 health and 100 damage, 2 keys 250 and 150, three keys, 300 health and 200 damage, and so on. It is not transformed, that is; range of motion 2, ground.

According to your idea you can make multiple phobies, you could make dimensional vampires with the ability to drain health like Alastor, or they could be merely zombies so you don’t have to put that passive ability on them.

with regard to the skills you can control enemy phobies so that they are helpers with less life (maybe 1 so that they are not difficult to eliminate) and a time limit so that they are not a constant nuisance. that of the fog may be interesting but it would occupy to be rethought so that it is more accessible as it can not cover phobies on walls. the passive of the wifes could be like that of jackalopes, Ted and Jill or the Speedola brothers but already affecting the minions would be too problematic not only for the rival but also for the developers or even in short maps in sand where there is not much time to perform the actions.

Ah! Ah! Ah! This is vonderful. The idea of vampire phobies is a good one. I always like fan made phobies

On the transforming enemy’s to vampire with the bleed I think it’s a pretty good idea but they should all turn into an identical phobie that’s a zombie/vampire
And the transformation should only happen if the phobie dies to the bleed function and not to another reason like they were poisoned to or you killed them after infecting them for quicker help