Part 1 of making this dudes phobie recommendations because he doesnt want to draw and ive got nothing better to do: Santa Claws

Note: expect them to be overpowered, according to him, since these “seasonal” phobies (which the pink outline will be indicating), are only available for a certain amount of time and everyone has them

Ho ho ho, merry christmas, if you can survive it,
He wanted the expressiveness of the werewolf pic with the candy cane in its mouth, and so i did that, and made him a bit bigger and some more fur since he lives in the north pole, and he wanted long claws, because santa claws
Race: monster
Keys: 4
Hp: 1200
Atk: 600
Movement: 3 walking
Atk range: 1 single target
Ability: Snack break!
He collects candy canes from phobies hes killed, 1 candy cane=1 key, and for every candy cane it gives him 300 extra hp, it can go over its maximum amount of hp

@Yarrr 's idea

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Could you add more rips and tears on the clothing. It would make it look like this werewolf stole those clothings from the real Santa Claus.

Here you go

And i added longer claws cus why not

I like him a lot
There’s honestly only one change I’d make
When I said, “long claws,” I meant like very big hands. His nails aren’t actually that long.

But also, you can keep it the way you have it if you make them more like a razor (instead of looking like dirty nail). Yk?

Looking great :grin:

Third times the charm outta do it

nerf base and ability damage, then it would be worse/ better (not too op) and mayble 1200 health

Remember, the creator of these wanted these to be extremely op because theyre supposedly seasonal phobies, meaning everyone has these phobies and theyre only available for the holiday they attend to
(And talk to @Yarrr about it, not me)

Ok I actually just realized how much HP is how much, imma change that to 1200 :sweat_smile:

Changed the post pic

for a 4 cost, that can easily body 7 keys, imagine an early 4 cost with lvl 1 base 600 damage, and every kill they get 300 dmg, 1 kill and it has 900 damage. if you want to keep the stats move the cost up a lil bit

Its 300 hp not dmg… so it might be even worse
(For each key for the phobie he kills he gains 300 hp, hey its not my idea)

OH, alr. i was wondering what it the op 3 movement 1.6k health superbuff mr grimes was going on

i guess that would be alright

I have something a bit similar to that actually

Gertrude, who gains 80% of the targets max hp when she kills it, but can not go over her max amount of hp, who is a lot more balanced than +300 hp for each key when killing a phobie