Keys: 11
Health: 5000
Damage: 1000 AOE
move speed: 1 every other turn, does not stack, cant be increased by paddles
Ability: Summon, can spawn phobies around this unit as if it was a normal vault, cant be healed or buffed, can still be debuffed
Race: dimensional

I’ve had this idea for a while it’s animation could be the key vault sprouting a bunch of legs and ripping itself from the ground, not sure if you should still be able to summon phobies at the original spot or not, but i thought, what could be more scary than the place that the phobies crawl from suddenly becoming sentient? Obviously it’s a bit expensive, but being able to drop a fresh phobie anywhere you want sounds like a pretty sick idea, obviously it has to be dimension so it’s health bar can get destroyed by disease, and no healing because this thing can summon phobies, so it always im range of a muffin top summon and sacrifice, it’s attack animation could be it slamming itself on the ground, being a huge chunk of whatever the floor is made out of seems like a good attack animation, I don’t know, what do you think fellow wranglers?


Sounds absoloutely, positively cracked. Cool idea though.

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Thanks, I thought it would be very unique and creative, it’s also been in my mind for a while, maybe it should be 12 keys?