Some quests are impossible to complete / push to ruin the game

I mean, please, look at the picture below:

Obviously the 3th one is the easiest one - the purpose of the creature is to cause damage. Second one is ok, but quests like the first one is terrifying annoying - that creature not supposed to do such things - it very slow and easy to kill. It’s such quest to skip and then blow up another skippable quest (and it is not the first - there was also a quest to slay 10 mechanisms with a phobia-syringe, which is also very difficult and not suitable for the quest of the role of the “healer”, which he is, and whether there will be mechanisms against you in the match → whether the necessary conditions will be created is unknown, - i.e. it is potentially forever not feasible, not even counting the fact that you also need to organize the last hit for him to slay the phobia)

I would like to balance the quests so that they do not force you to play clearly at a loss to yourself and could be feasible.

Hi Mao,

These quests are currently being rebalanced and a new release will be coming shortly.

Best Regard