Quest: deal killing blow to heart with [Phobie]


Quests are cool in general, but one type is actually terrible: break the enemy’s heart with a specific Phobie.

Generally, if you get the heart to 0, it’s been a long battle and in the majority of cases, you’ll have clear superiority on the board (your remaining phobies clearly dominate the enemy’s). Because of the map layouts, sudden heart rushes in a game that is still disputed seem rare (I’m being polite: I haven’t seen one yet). That’s actually a very good point for balance.

But because of that, that type of quest objective suuuuucks. Say you win and you managed to keep the right character alive. By the time you get there, your opponent will just give up when they see they have nothing left to farm in that game.

I maxed out tears gained and played the character in each and every game. Not once did I get to land the killing blow – all opponents gave up before.

So please, either remove that quest type, or make it so that if the required phobie is active on the board when the opponent gives up, that quest objective is validated.


Hi Julio

Thanks for the feedback. We are reviewing them and will likely do an update soon to adjust some and even remove some that just don’t feel good. Appreciated you letting us know which ones you don’t feel work.



Thanks for the quick reply.

When suggesting it should be validated if the required phobie is active, I do mean specifically in the case of the opponent giving up, not any other end of game.

Then you get rewarded for having created a situation where you gained superiority while dancing around the quest requirement, suitably. The only “exploit” it allows is two players setting up a given-up game on purpose, and in that case the true exploit is tears farming, one quest objective doesn’t weigh much I think.

Otherwise, that quest objective remains unfun, because it is extremely vulnerable to ragequits (or even just players naturally conceding because they estimate they’re done). You get punished for having dominated the board.

I agree with everything said here. Although to be devils advocate I think it could work if you only use Phobies that are easier to kill the heart with.

For example I was trying to kill the heart with eratic and I accomplished it in two separate games but then I had to do it for Temptresss (Electric snake) and it was much more difficult.

I think the reason was because Eratic can tank his way over to the heart while Temptresss is such low health you need to wait until the absolute last possible second and normally at that point you worry about panic points taking out the heart before or the enemy surrendering from lack of phobies.