Preview end of turn effects before submitting

There is one mechanic that I really love in this game, and that is the undo button. It allows me to preview what each actions do without guessing and calculating. However, it doesn’t make you foresee what would happen in the end of turn, and sometimes it could be scary and confusing especially when the order of effects and card descriptions are not very clear (like how I didn’t know that lava count as an “obstacle” until I sent my 2 cost cotton tail with resurrect ability to kill themselves. It would be nice to know this information beforehand so that I wouldn’t waste 2 keys.

The resurect thing feels inconsistent too, It dies on lava, but not on fire… some fire e.g: Boss ability, do more damage than lava.

+1 on this, I never know if an enemy on a healing pool, with a fire from my wolf, will die from the fire before healing… (its actually that they will live, fire seems to come after, but I forgot a few times in the past)

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