Santa claus

i think that we can put a santa phobie

Can you be more descriptive.

Actually I had and idea like that for a new phobie!
It would be called Claws and it’s special ability is to open another keyhole in the map for a few turns, so that you can spawn a phobie anywhere

I think it would be cool if they added a thematic phobie for every holiday (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc)

This dude (@Yarrr ) had basically the same idea, and he wanted them to be overpowered since theyre available for a limted time and everyone would have them for that time

Heres his version of santa claws or at least, how i made his version of santa claws, and his ability is, lets say ahem ahem different
He gets a candy cane for killing a phobie and
1 key from the enemy=1 candy cane (example, if he kills ginsting, he gets 4 candy canes since ginsting costs 4 keys)
1 candy cane=+300 hp
And he can go over his maximum amount of hp