Part 2 of making this dudes phobie recommendations because he doesnt want to draw and ive got nothing better to do: Timbrrr

Note: expect them to be overpowered, according to him, since these “seasonal” phobies (which the pink outline will be indicating), are only available for a certain amount of time and everyone has them

Halloween or christmas? How about both
I think he wanted a seasonal phobie that is available for halloween and christmas because he wanted a halloween type of treant with christmas lights and icy ends, and i added a jack o lantern as his weapon
Race: monster
Keys: 7
Hp: 2100
Atk: 500+250 electrical dmg
Movement: 1 walking
Atk range: 2 lobbing
Ability: The North
He freezes a whole line (hes essentially a slow frosty)
Ability unlock: 1
Ability cooldown: 3
Freeze amount: 2 turns

@Yarrr 's idea

Thank you, I like this guy very much :grin:

I just want to mention that he is Christmas themed (not halloween at all), it’s just that he’s modeled after a spooky tree.

Good job mate :+1:

You just made me think yk “why halloween tree if christmas theme, maybe both? Eh, lets go both”