Some Suggestions

Hello, I’ve been playing since June of 2022 and have really fallen in love with this game since.
I’m in Doomsday 2 for ASYNC and Doomsday 1 for arena, and level 41
Here are some features I would like to see with in the game.

  1. I would like to see some sort of guild or club feature, I’ve noticed people stop playing because the game is too boring or repetitive this would be a fix for all of that

  2. To accompany my guild idea I suggest A Guild War feature, this would work similar to clash of clans where there would be one on one battles between players and majority games won wins. This could happen every other week or so.

  3. This game does give the impression of being very grindy so I think a good solve would be to update the stress level system. Instead of getting a new phobie every ten levels you could give rewards for each individual level instead of cards for the stress level phobie.

  4. I’ve noticed many people complain about the matchmaking system, which isn’ really a problem until you reach higher matchmaking. But maybe you could put a cap on level differences. For example a level 50 player wouldn’t be matched against anything higher than a level 70 or 75 player.

Feel free to comment anything you disagree or think that could be improved about these below