The best booster packs?

What are the best booster packs you can buy either with Tears or Coffee Beans?
Also, anyone knows how big are the booster packs from season end?
I want to do the best investments

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I can only comment on the booster packs but I’ve found that the amount of cards/xp you get from the 3000tears/2000coffee packs are the best. an uneasy pack + a frightening packs is about 3600 xp and 34+ upgrade cards. For the same amount of tears, you get 4800 xp and 40+ upgrade cards. Its a no brainer for the tear packs. The same is somewhat true for coffee packs.
2 Terrifying packs and 2 Horrific packs is equal to 52000XP, and 2200 coffee. There’s 53000 XP in a Dreadful Pack which only costs 2000 coffee. “But Defiler, what about the scratch cards? You get 10 scratch cards with those 4 packs, and only 4 scratch cards with a Dreadful!” You’d be correct, but that’s when odds come in. It’s a 1.6% chance for an ultra-rare phobie in a horrific pack, and a 3.9% chance for an ultra-rare in a Dreadful pack. Quite literally over double the chance. The biggest packs are clearly the best ones to get (IMO).

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Every bought-by-coffee pack is good. The best one is Dreadful pack, but it is too expensive. I mean, we earn 5 coffee per victory, 10 per Lippy’s quest and 100 from referral codes. It’ll probably take you a month or more to earn the coffee to buy it. Just invest in Terrifying and Horrific packs.
With that money you can get 2 Terrifying and 2 Horrific packs.
(2 x 300) + (2 x 800) = 2000
(2 x 2) + (2 x 3)
= 10
And with those packs you get 10 upgrade cards, which has x2.5 odds of a new phobie compared to Dreadful pack. Dreadful pack still has more XP, but new phobies are more important.


I am correcting what I wrote before, I calculated wrong. (2x300) + (2x800) actually equals 2200. Just earn 200 more coffee :wink:

Mathematically the larger packs are actually worse chances for an Ultra Rare. While the odds per pack are higher, you are getting far less chances for those odds to work in your favor. If it is 10 cards vs 4 cards, the odds in the Dreadful pack would need to be 2.5x better for the odds to have improved, which they aren’t.

This is actually a super easy probability to calculate.

Probability of a Pull = 1-(1-Chance)^Number of Tries

Doing the math, Dreadful is basically the worst in terms of acquiring cards. Lets say you have about 4000 beans. This gets you:

Terrifying Pack: ~14 Packs = 60.97% Chance of a Rare, 8.08% Chance of an Ultra Rare
Horrific Pack: 5 Packs = 50.44% Chance of a Rare, 7.75% Chance of an Ultra Rare
Dreadful Pack: 2 Packs = 28% Chance of a Rare, 7.65% Chance of an Ultra Rare

For 4100 beans spent in Terrifying packs, you have a 60.97% Chance of a Rare and 8.08% Chance of an Ultra Rare, compared to a 28% Chance of a Rare and 7.65% Chance of an Ultra Rare in a Dreadful pack.

Imo when it comes to getting new Phobies, always get the low cost Terrifying pack. The odds are higher and the rate at which you get the actually benefit from a pack is more often. Horrific packs technically have better odds for an Ultra Rare, but you are trading a +0.03% chance to get an Ultra-Rare for a -10.53% chance to get a Rare.

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