Time for a movie!

Movies are so common nowdays, ranging from fairy tale to horror. This game, phobies, builds on the concept of the embodiment of fears and other stuff. Why don’t we go back to the basics, to simply the experience of watching a movie?

With this post I’m adding new phobie ideas.


What’s a movie without popcorn?

Phobie name: Popcorn
Key cost and type: 5, Monster
Phobie health: 1500
Phobie damage: 400 + 100 fire
Phobie attack: Range 2, Line of Sight
Move speed: 1 Walking
Special ability: “All Buttered Up” 1 Range, lays a trap, 1 delay.
Trap damage: 600 + 200 fire for 2 turns

Based on “Uni Corn,” but with fire and increased damage.

Film Roll

Old film is nice, it just… tends to burn.

Phobie name: Film Roll
Key cost and type: 2, Mechanical
Phobie health: 700
Phobie damage: 100
Phobie attack: Melee
Move speed: 2 Walking
Special status: when below 400 health, every tile Film Roll touches (moves on or attacks) is lit on fire for 150 damage for 2 turns. On death, film roll spreads fire to all adjacent tiles for 150 damage for 1 turn. Any electric damage done to this phobie causes it to immediately die.

Just a really cool 2 key that I think would be quite powerful and fun to use.

Coke & Mentos

You know what I mean. This is a set of three phobies with no pairing bonus.

Phobie name: Soda Pop
Key cost and type: 4, Mechanical
Phobie health: 1300
Phobie damage: 300
Phobie attack: Range 2, Line of Sight
Move speed: 2 Walking

By itself, this phobie is just a weaker Ginsting with no special attack.

Phobie name: Mentos pack
Key cost and type: 3, Monster
Phobie health: 800
Phobie damage: 200
Phobie attack: Melee
Move speed: 2 Walking
Special Ability: “Shakey Shakey” 1 Range, 4 uses, 1 delay. Lowers max health of Mentos Pack pack 200, but increases the damage of targeted Soda Pop by 300 as well as making their attacks like Beaty’s laser for one turn.

Phobie name: Minty Mentos
Key cost and type: 1, Monster
Phobie health: 300
Phobie damage: No Attack
Phobie attack: No Attack
Move Speed: 2 Walking
Special Ability: “Science Experiment” Sacrifices self, same stats as above “Shakey Shakey.”

Like a bottle rocket, just… all over the movie seats.

Red Carpet

You’re a movie star! Or maybe you’re just an imaginative child. Aren’t we all inside?

Phobie Name: Semi-Magic Carpet
Key cost and type: 9, Dimensional
Phobie health: 4600
Phobie damage: 700
Phobie attack: Melee
Move Speed: 3 Walking (or rolling)
Special status: every tile walked on becomes part of Semi-Magic Carpet. This phobie is essentially the floor, and can be attacked as if it were standing anywhere it were before, but can likewise retaliate. This phobie can be walked on. This phobie does no take damage from lava, but can from fire. Any phobies on this phobie do not take damage from lava, but do from fire. And enemy phobies walking on this phobie take 130 damage at the end of each turn. This scales with levels. Any allied phobie that is on this phobie does 10% extra damage. This does not scale with levels. Any allied phobies moving from Semi-Magic Carpet to Semi-Magic Carpet has bypassing movement with 1 extra move speed. Any healing spas and traps are nullified when touched by Semi-Magic Carpet, and do not become active until this phobie dies. This phobie cannot be buffed by allied phobies. Enemy phobies on this phobie (except for flying) have 1 less move speed. This phobie cannot be diseased or poisoned. Fire lasts infinitely on this phobie.

Special Ability: “Carpet Patching” Removes all fires. If self cannot be cleansed of fire, heals self 800. This ability has 1 delay.

That’s a lot of reading! This phobie changes the way you play the game when spawning. This phobie can mean winning or losing, and must be adressed. Powerful health, damage, move speed, and status, this phobie has better stats than all 9 keys- with one difference. This phobie can be attacked from wherever it has moved before and has weakness to fire. Spend your keys destroying this phobie, or you may get steamrolled! (Or carpetrolled.)

Movie Star Mirror

You know, the one with the lights?

Phobie name: Movie Star Mirror
Key cost and type: 4, Dimensional
Phobie health: 800
Phobie damage: 800 + 230 fire
Phobie attack: 2 Range, Line of Sight
Move Speed: 1, Walking
Special Status: On-death effect does 400 damage and lights a fire where this phobie was for 170 fire for 2 turns, as well as pulling in the opponent.

This phobie is, both literally and figuratively, the embodiment of a glass cannon. SUPER squishy, it is very difficult to keep this phobie alive, especially considering how slow it is.

Underchair Chocolate

Not very special. Or hygenic.

Phobie name: Underchair Chocolate
Key cost and type: 1, Undead
Phobie health: 900
Phobie damage: 300
Phobie attack: Melee
Move Speed: 1, Walking

Like Ted, just… better. More health and damage, with the loss of the resurrect and pairing bonus.

Making these concepts was really fun. If these phobies were added, it would be a dream come true, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t. They just spice up the game (and the 9-key changes everything). If anyone has any balacing fixes (especially for the 9-key), or any map ideas to fit the movie theme, feel free to respond. Thanks for reading! :grin: