About the scratch card system

Hello I have spent more than $250 on Phobies, after watching a new user guide from a YouTuber, I have spent all on the Terryfying pack cuz I thought once I got all lower tier I will get higher tier for sure since you said average 1.5 packs for a new Phobies. And now, I think I have got all commons, and will barely get new Phobies now. Now I want to quit the game since it’s gonna be extremely hard for me to get rare and ultra rare cards because you only get lower tier rewards.
If it’s possible , could please take all the cards I got from scratching packs and give me my coffin back, and I would only spent it on Dreadful pack.
Thank you

Hello @chawang000 its amazing that you decided to support the game, sorry to say that terrifying packs are not ideal for new ultra rare phobies, most likely the video you went through was outdated. The best chance to get new UR fears is to open the dreadful pack as mentioned in the pack’s description. Moreover, we are unable to remove/add/edit phobies on ones account due to obvious reasons. You can always try opening a support ticket via our discord server so we might assist you head on. Phobies Game but, nothing is guaranteed, sorry for the inconvenience :smiley_cat:

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Thanks for you explanation anyway~