We need a tierlist!

We’re definetly in need for a tier list here! If any good player here knows how to; it’d be fabtastic to see where the new phobies would get located.
Also a general tier list of the phobies helps a lot with new players to understand which mechanics are the strongest and for more experienced players to know which phobies to use more.

I did one prior to the update (2 months ago), haven’t updated it with the new units yet though. :sweat_smile:

@ttps://forums.phobies.com/t/phobies-tier-list-1-7-1-by-maninyellow/7315 (replace the @ with a h)

love ya
Lets wait a bit and see for sure where the new units belong than😉

Did a update for Symphony of the Undead - Can be found here:
@ttps://forums.phobies.com/t/phobies-tier-list-1-7-1-by-maninyellow/7315/6 (replace the @ with a h)

There’s both pictures, short explanations and a yt vid for it depending on preference. :slight_smile: