What if Phobies had achievements?

Well I have some ideas

Stress level: these achievements are based for the Stress level phobies

Razor sharp:
Obtain Razor Mouth

That stings!:
Obtain Ginsting

Obtain Clinico

Obtain Miss Moffat

Flaming hot!:
Obtain Snowball

Obtain Fowl

Obtain Oopsy Baby

Obtain yeti

The glob:
Obtain The Glob

Come to me…:
Obtain Akira

Medieval fantasy:
Obtain Puff

Unlocking secrets:
Obtain Jammy Fish

Obtain Sasquatch

Obtain subnoxious

Probing time!:
Obtain Sir Probesalot

Packs: Achievements around opening and obtaining Phobies

What’s inside?:
Open your first pack

Awake all night:
Open your first pack that cost coffee

Dreading on what’s to come:
Open your first dreadful

Six is better than one!:
Open every pack at least once.

Like many others:
Obtain your first common from a pack

Slightly rare:
Obtain your first uncommon from a pack

Sliver greatness:
Obtain your first rare from a pack

Who’s the rarest of them all?:
Obtain your first ultra rare from a pack

Battle: Achievements around fighting

Win for the first time

Falling down:
Make a phobie fall into the abyss

Poison a phobie

Use electric damage on a mechanical

Feeling sick:
Disease a phobie

That won’t work buddy:
Use a poison or disease move on a mechanical

That was… disappointing:
Defeat a 7 key or higher with one move

Have the high ground:
Have all panic points on a large map

Wasted potential:
Kill a phobie that hasn’t attacked, captured a panic point, or used its ability

Cheap and easy:
Win by using only 3 key or less phobies

Win by only using 7 key or higher phobies

On a budget:
Win by only using 5 phobies that cost 4 or less

League: Achievements based around the Leagues

Promote to Horrors for the first time

Stranger Danger:
Promote to Stangers for the first time

Primal rage:
Promote to Primals for the first time

The apocalypse:
Promote to Doomsday for the first time

Extreme Nightmares:
Promote to Sum Of All Fears for the first time.

Frenemies: Achievements based around Frenemies

First Frenemies: Gain your first Frenemy

Group a Frenemies: Gain five Frenemies.

Note: to gain most of the fighting achievements you need to submit the turn to gain them, also you can’t do them in frenemy battles.