What is the strongest fear?

I’m asking a random question lol,what’s the strongest fear I’ve been wondering that since the first time I have joined soooooo,yeah :+1: (I joined a month ago)

There isn’t really a strongest fear, it’s about how you play it and if it matches your gamestyle.


@SaTaNiStIc oh ok I’m kind of a noob but I understand lol

Enjoy it kid just wait until you get 30+ phobies its gonna be painful my friend the odds of new phobies go downhill very fast i opened 3 TERRIFIYING AND ONLY GOT USELESS UPGRADE CARDSSSSS. But if you have great luck unlike me and the others you will be just fine

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Thx lol I hope you can get better luck later into the game it sucks that you opened that many packs and only got upgrade cards :sob:

Thank you wish you luck to

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I have a pretty good tier list from another player here in the community, hope it helps out🤗


Why is boomer in strong units?
Made my own, tell me what you think.

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Ik this tierlist may be true but I use fetch alot and he makes me win most of the time he’s my second mvp

In my opinion cerburus is op anytime he comes out he kills most of my phobies

I like the tier list tho!

How come fetch is in below average he’s a pretty good phobie and he’s one of my MVP’s

How did you make the tier list?

so fetch is good in forms of stats but imo a lil bit too pricey for someone who can be changed for a lil less pricey slammer head. The leech is good but the health is on the lower side. other than that hes a pretty good unit.


search up tierlist maker