3 New Phobie ideas


Classification: monster
Key Cost: 8
Card Type: Rare
Hp: at lvl 1 500
movement speed: 2
dmg: 200 + 100 per 100 dmg
ability: Illusion

Malferāz is a weak 8 key phobie with a very useful ability known as Illusion: this ability lasts for 3 rounds and moves 4 spaces, the Malferāz becomes invisible and mirrors the movement of the illusion for the 3 rounds except only 2 spaces, the illusion lacks an attack and has 1500 hp at lvl 1, the real malferāz cannot attack or be targeted and dies if stepped on while its ability is active.

The Malferāz looks like a purple human with tattered wings, that is about as tall as ginsting, their attack is 1 range and pushes back

classification: Undead
Key cost: 7
Movement speed: 1
Card type: ultra-rare
Hp: 2000/-50% per split
Dmg: none, 40% dmg is healed
Abilities: digest: dmg: 500 per round,

Split: allows the phobie to separate into two smaller half hp versions every time it takes dmg they heal and grow every round until full sized, they cannot split until they are full size, only four full sized blenno’s at a time.

Digest: allows the phobie to step on the same tile as a enemy, much like The Blob, but only deals 500 dmg instead of 1000 at lvl 1, when half size they only deal 200 dmg, have 1000 hp, and move 2 spaces.

Fun note: Blenno is named after Blennophobia, the fear of slime/mucus

Classification: Dimensional
Key cost: 5
Movement speed: 4 flying
Card type: uncommon
Hp: 1
Dmg: none
Abilities: Lightweight, Till death do we start.

Ghouls abilities are Lightweight: knockback and pull abilities move the phobie two spaces instead of one

Till death do we start: this phobie dies and becomes a trap that deals 100% of the phobie that steps on it, the Ghoul then resurrects at hp equal to max hp of the phobie killed, ally or enemy phobies are killed by trap, for 2 rounds the Ghoul will be on the side of the phobie it killed, after that it returns back to the original player. bypasses trap absorption


May I ask where “Malferáz” came from? The name?

Laughed at “Till death do we start” :joy:

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Malferāz is actually one of my creatures that i made, i could give you some of their backstory if you want.