New phobie ideas #12: Chronos


Unit race: Mechanical
Card type: Uncommon
Key cost: 8

Base stats:

  • Health: 2200
  • Ground movement: 1
  • Attack range: 3
  • Attack damage: 530

Passive ability: Rewind thine
When used, it undoes the opponent’s last turn, including all their previous actions. If a phobie died in the previous turn, they come back with the same health before they died.
The keys spent on all the phobies spawned during the previous turns won’t be returned.

  • Unlock: 1 turn
  • Cooldown 3 turns

Rewind thine seems a little bit too op

That really, and i mean REALLY, doesnt feel uncommon, rare maybe, but uncommon, nah, the fact that you can use the undo button on an enemy AND that its a sniper, i mean, if the range on the ability is also 3, than that just proves my point even more

what if they have 1 phobie left, have no keys and they spawned a phobie that turn, it would delete the phobie. would you win?
If the enemy was on a tile your phobie is currently on and you rewind does it die, is it like a push effect.
Does it also rewind heart damage?

Maybe it’s better if rewind thine has the effetcs undo only what happened to one of your phobie, like getting back life and losing desease and poison
this would also be the only way to remove desease

  • No; Phobies that were just spawned during that turn will return to their inventory, what I meant to say was that the enemy won’t get extra keys after their phobie is spawned and undone by Chronos, of course their keys are also returned.

  • If you mean the The Glob, the rewind undoes the damage caused to you.
    Now if you mean your phobie is currently standing where mine was, In that case your phobie would move away back to it’s position at the beggining of the turn, then my phobie would return.

  • And yes, it undoes heart damage (to your heart only)

Looking back, maybe it should be a 9 key phobie with 4 turn cooldown

im kinda dumb, give me a minute to understand please

so it can undo a whole turn? But when it is reversed it undoes the damage to only your heart?

YA THINK, i would argue that could be even 10 keys when i read all that, at first i thought it uses the undo button on one single enemy but no, its for EVERYTHING THE ENEMY DID, AND YOU GAIN HP ON YOUR HEART, now thats just op as hell, id argue it could be a 10 key ultra rare, because there is NOTHING i like thats gonna make me think thats uncommon