Freezing game

Every time I try to make a turn the game freezes and I cannot see my opponent turn, so I cannot play mine. I’ve tried few times to reset the application and I’ve tried to delete the cache and uninstal than reistal the game.
I’ve tried on my computer and it works on that.

Hey there!

I’ve deleted your other post so we can stick to the one here for troubleshooting purposes.
It only freezes on your mobile device?

When did this begin to happen for you? What device are you currently playing Phobies on and what OS/Version is it? ( Also, what is your in-game name? )

my user name is juggz2198 at less the one on my laptop my name on my ph is buggz2198 i was having the same issue just like the first comment but thro my stem account on my laptop but not on my pc where i started playing the game nore do i with the account on my phone any thing there might be able to be done

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Hi! It start to happened two days ago, it freezes only on my phone, not on my computer. Today I tried to open the game and it freezes on the loading screen causing my whole phone to freeze (I had to turn it off and on again to fix it). Is a pretty bad situation, I’ve also paid to play to support you.

I wrote an email with all the information to the smoking gun mail and gave them all the informations that they asked (username, device, log data of my game).
I wrote two days ago, yesterday and today (because it started today to freeze my whole phone, yesterday only the game, I were able to enter the home screen) and still I dont have any information on the situation and it’s just getting worse.

I’m also not finding (at least) an uncommon phobie since 20 pack (litterally) and over 6000 coffee spent (four 800 packs and ten of 300 packs, and all the 3k tears packs), just 5 commons useless phobies.
I’m start thinking that also this it might be a bug or something, because at first I couldn’t progress at all and now I cannot play at all. I’ve paid you 25€ (like an average game for console) and maybe I would like to support you more, but the situation is not changing.

Let me know if I had to say you anything else. I really love this game and I like support you, but is a bad problem, your game freezes my phone…

My in-game name is: NightMoon00
I’m playing on a Redmi Note 9 Pro
Version of my device:

@NightMoon00 Oh perfect! That was you in the email. :slight_smile: I had a few questions asked there for follow up.

  • Did the freezing occur before the most recent update or after?
    Has this been an ongoing issue for quite some time?
    We got your logs so those will be shared with the team as well to see if there is something going on. :slight_smile:

@juggz2198 Just for understanding purposes, this only happens on your laptop?
Which devices and OS does this happen on, if you could provide those. We may also need for you to email your logs to us at

I’ve sent another mail right know.

It first happened 2 days ago, after the undead event finished and I update my phone (but as I say on my mail it’s strange because the evening and the morning after the update I played with no problem).

Is going since 2 days and it gets worst. At start it only freezes when I tried to do my turns in async mod and now it freezes in the loading screen, freezing all my system forcing me to restart my device.

It’s annoying because I cannot stay at home all day on my pc to rach the caps (I’ve bought the double caps, spending money, and today I cannot reach that because I was out and I cannot play on my phone). I’ve spent more than 25€ for not playing the game (like an average game for console) and I was thinking to spend more, I hope you fix it soon…

I don’t open the game since this morning because I don’t want to risk damage to my device, seeing that you game freeze my whole system.

I love the game, but I’m paying and I’m forced to lose content and my feature… Thank you, hope you can fix it asap!

Hi! I was wondering if u had any news. I’m sorry to bother you (you wete so nice and friendly) but I want this situation to be over. It started 3 days ago and I’m getting only one mail at day with only questions and no answers. I did everything u asked, sent u everything u needed, at least u can update me, or let me know if u received the information. I’m a paying customer that cant play the (free) game I decided to spend for, to support you.

At least let me know if I can try to open it, I’m worried to start the game because I dont want to damage my phone.

Thank you, hope to receive good news…

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Hey Night,

No update yet but as soon as we are able to update you, we will. Your phone shouldn’t be damaged.
My guess is that it might likely just be a corrupt game causing some trouble and the team may need to suspend it! I should have more information for you as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

Ok thank you, sorry to bother!

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It’s never a bother at all, Night. :slight_smile:
Always happy to help and answer anything asked.

Hey Night!

The team asks which mode does this happen in? Is it just async mode?
They also ask if you are stuck.

It happened in asynch but I didnt try in arena.
If by “stuck” u mean that I cant play no, I can play from my computer.
If you mean if the problem still presenting I didn try to open it because I dont want to freeze my phone.

Yesterday I tried on a friend phone and it worked without problem.

Perfect, thank you!

So on your other device you should be able to submit turns, correct? You’re not just stuck in that one match?
If it’s just that one match, I wonder if suspending that game could help.
( Our QA/Devs ask this question as they are currently troubleshooting for you. :slight_smile: )

Yes, I tried to do the turn I was stuck in (on my computer) to see if the would unfreeze the game but it wouldnt. Also on my friend’s phone it goes with no problem.

I want to say that I’m not trying to open the game on my phone since it made freeze my phone (three days ago). Maybe at this time it fixed by itself hahaha.

Thank the team, but maybe I just play on my computer and stop bother you, this situation has gone for too long (my double tiers cap has finished, even if I lost some of them its ok) for a game. I’m sorry for being a little aggressive on my first messages but I was frustrated because I had just paid and found nothing and I didn’t want lo lost my double active.

Thank you, you were very professional and avaible!