Going to do my first pack opening

Have you already opened the packs? If yes then what did you get?

I haven’t opened my dreadful because im going to do 3 dreadful opening but i got hercules and repellor and rusty😞 why SGI why did you give me rusty its trash

Random pro player : but its a 1 key

Idc its still bad

random sorta pro player here (im soaf 2-3) hercules repeller and rusty are all sick rolls. I used to be a massive repeller main and i still use it a ton, it can take on almost any setup and come out on top, only thing it struggles against are giant aoe units like 3.0 and boss. hercules i havent seen enough but hematic is cracked and hercules looks like a more expensive hematic with a better aoe so its probably cracked as well.
rusty as a 1 key is legit dude. traps any melee unit you want, you can actually trap opponents and then plant traps under them and theyre forced to take the trap damage. i agree that at 2 key rusty was trash but at 1 key ive been using it a ton and it can clutch hard.

the phobie buffs have been good so far, most of the units they buffed are a lot better. the only major exception is jackalope king, jackalope king needs another buff its still really bad. it only works if youve already got another jackalope for some scam bone unit strat and you just happen to need exactly +125 attack to kill something.
but honestly, tick lila rusty bogart, smiley, the speedolas and russell (much to my suprise) have been seeing a lot more play post buff and have been a solid threat on ladder

As a speedola user fr, before the buff… i couldnt get them to be used and were unnecessary, but now, they help me a TON sometimes, and i see the same old electrical counters get UPPERCUTTED TO OBLIVION, its quite fun honestly

exact same story here. before the buff i tried speedolas and werent able to get much out of them, now ive managed to beaten a lot of strong players with them on certain maps. their ability to overrun people if they arent careful is incredibly strong.

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