My phobie idea

Type: mechanical

Name: Lamplock
Design: creative freedom ( when it gets low Health it should look like it can barely keep itself shut)

Rarity: ultra rare

Movement type: walking
Movement value: 1
Attack distance:1

Movement animation: it just hops like if you got in a tall box and needed to get over a few feet but don’t want to get out.

Hp: 2000
Atk: 500

Special: genie in the bottle - upon destroying the vessel, the lamp a “genie phobie” is no longer trapped by the lamp. Upon breaking out the phobie type changes to dimensional

Genie phobie stats

Type: dimensional

Name: jin
Design: creative freedom( basically an angry genie)

Movement type: flying
Movement value:2
Attack distance:2

Movement animation: either he snaps and appears where you told him or just flys over.

Hp: 1400
Atk: 600

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Attack animation: lamp lock blows genie dust out of its opening and Jin has multiple animations but they all start with a snap for example he snaps then a car falls on the enemy or he snaps and a portal opens up that dumps a ton of water on top the enemy the a fish comes out and flips around (just for fun) and other such possibilities

Maybe Jin could do a random damage value between 450-650 depending on the attack animation
Could be it’s unique trait