New phobie idea

A new phobie based on supervillans

Name : corrosive man
Description : He always wanted to be a super hero until that day…

Rarity : Rare
Health : 1700 (level 1)
Damage : 560 (level 1)
Key cost : 6 keys
Movement type : Walking
Movement tiles : 2
Attack range : 2 tiles
Attack type : Line of sight

Ability : The devil inside me…
Corrosive man transforms into the ultimate hero slayer. Also when he transforms boss music starts to play in the backround only stops when he dies or when the match ends

Pros :
Adds 900 health to corrosive man
Adds his attack damage by 300

Cons :
Deducts movement tiles by 1
Deducts attack tile by 1

Story : corrosive man was once a normal phobie until one day his planet was invaded by the sir proba sa lots which destroyed his planet because the superheroes were to busy doing pack openings and stupid challenges leaving him alone. So after that point on he swore to take revenge on them…

Phobias associated with corrosive man :

  1. Demonophobia (fear of evil)
  2. Feophobia (fear of rust)
  3. Xenophobia (fear of aliens)