New Phobies Ideas!

Hello. I LOVE monsters. I like to read about them, see art of them, hear stories and lore of them, and I love to create them. (Part of why I love this game so much) If you like to create them too, or talk about them, this is for you. And I LOVE the idea of monsters based off of fears.

I’d like to start a list of monsters that we make that the creators can take from if they feel inspired or like our ideas (looking at you moderators). (I don’t know if there are other discussions like this, I haven’t checked). I’m not good with stats, so please be forgiving. I will take any tweaking advice.

Here are some I have come up with so far (they need lots of tweaking):

Nesting doll/Doll face:
A decorated porcelain egg that rolls around, or classic bowling pin style wooden doll that opens to reveal tinies as it hops, and can split into smaller version(s) of itself when it dies. Splits Twice. (Original idea was it split in two twice, that’s a little too op) it has a huge surprise attack value, while also holding its own as Biggie. The idea is quick deployment, and an alternative to resurrection.

Biggie: 1400hp/500dm
Special: sacrifices self to launch/lob Normie two spaces. (Yes, it can lob them attack with smaller self)

Normie: 800hp/350dm (down to 1 range)
Special: sacrifices self to launch/lob Babie Three spaces. (Can launch a total of five spaces from spawn in one turn)

Babie: 500hp/200dm (down to 1 walk) (1 range)
Special: sacrifices self for radial 200dm

A sentient tin can pipe bomb land mine. Looks like a banged up tin soldier made of scrap metal. Hides underground for half damage and explodes for double damage when stepped on, but sacrifices self. (good for blocking choke points)

4key/2walk/2lob(tiny bombs)/uncommon/mechanical


Ability, hides underground taking half damage. When stepped on sacrifices for 3x damage.

Special: pipe dream: sacrifices tinman explodes towards one target like a claymore for 2x damage.

A wyrn worm (think noxious and suckee fusion) that burrows through the ground and creates holes. It has many legs like a centipede good for digging. It is tanky, but hits softish. It creates sinkholes by burrowing and removing ground and going back to its place. (that can be filled with barrier makers?) A great combo with any dimensional, grabber, or puller.



Special: 3 or 4 turn cool down. sinkhole: adjacent normal tile turns into hole.

That’s all for now. I will add more when I think of it. Have fun fellow phobie catchers! @boss

Got another!

Gerasko; based off of geraskophobia: fear of aging.

Gerasko is going to be an odd one. But bear with me. It is a monster humanoid who comes out of the keyhole as a healthy middle-aged man. As the turns go on his image changes. The last turn he is a crying ghost. He only lasts ten turns and auto destructs after turn ten. For every turn it sits besides a phobie, it deletes it stats by ten percent.

The attack is so weak because that’s not the point, although he could possibly snipe like snowball. He is fast because he only has ten turns to live, which may seem like a lot but will go by quickly. Otherwise he will be summoned, be outpaced, die and achieve nothing. Also, he can be countered by a freeze or lock ability. Other than that, it’s the type that when it comes out you go, “oh crap!” (I’m sure his ability can be nerfed or altered to be more simple)

I was thinking of making him demensional and pulling everyone, or possibly every phobie within a 1 or 2 block radius in one tile. But that sounds too OP and sounds fun for another time.



Special: Erassure: delete stats 10% of any phobie beside it at end of turn.