Picture with all the new units and my initial impressions (video)

Here are all of the new units: :slight_smile:

I talked about my initial impressions of them here: @ttps://youtu.be/jaYUg9OgS14?si=XJDWtp2mAOfXx9gU&t=1 (replace the ‘@’ with a ‘h’) :wink:

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My personal opinions (in short):

Tooth Fairy: Looks pretty good, it’s like a slightly tankier Murder Wing with more consistent damage but less burst. I’d put it a bit below Murder Wing personally.

Giggles: I don’t think he will be very good, while he does have a ton of attack (enough to 1-hit some 1-keys) he’s still a turret so chasing down enemies is going to be hard - And his health is TERRIBLE, for one key more you’re getting 50 health less than normal BoMangles which is pretty bad.

Snappy: Looks like it’s essentially a more defensive side-grade to Unbearable but with no lob attacks (which is Unbearable’s main thing). It will probably be a decent tank on some small maps, I’d say it’s above average but not particularly strong.

Badside Manners: This unit looks awful! And I don’t mean just his teeth, I mean his stats too. Compare him to Snappy you’re paying a key more to lose 100 health and gain 50 attack… That’s kind of pathetic.

Jaws: Looks very cool and fun, but I don’t think it will be overpowered - You have to remember that you’re eating your own units, that it takes time and his health will stay the same. So if you eat something like AW0L it will be a 6 key 2k health, 575 dmg, 3 movement, melee unit, which takes several turns before it can start attacking (you first summon Jaws and he’s useless on that turn, then next turn he will spend to eat so he also can’t do much there) - It looks pretty decent and will probably have a spot in the game, but I don’t think it’s broken. Could be used as a game-ender on some large maps if they stall out (you’d feed it enough to threaten their heart). I’m guessing something like C or B-tier, but it’s hard to tell since we’ve never seen a unit like it before.

Conductor: Kind of looks like a meme-unit to me, Undead are probably the worst race to spam out of them all since they’re the easiest to counter. That said his stats aren’t terrible so it’s probably still useable as a ‘‘this + 1 other undead unit’’ kind of thing - 600 base dmg is a decent amount.

Baaaad Sheep: Will ofc be good if your opponent is spamming Undeads, but realistically that won’t be happening. If you’re hunting down a big slow undead then normal Sheeping Gas is probably better - The only real upside of Baaaad Sheep is that it’s essentially got 1 more range on it’s special ability which I don’t think is enough for it to be all that good. (personally I’d much rather go Noxious).

Goon: In my opinion this will be the best unit out of this update. He’s got a ton of health so he can function as a tank, his damage is decent and he has a very strong line attack with a low cooldown on top of all this. He also heals from the line attack since he’s undead so there’s some synergy between those. If you compare him with Puff (which is a great unit) he’s got 700 more health (30%!!!) than Puff, but has melee range, no fire and no flying. He does also do more damage with his line attack however, I’d put him around the same power level as Puff. It’s also worth noting that he can actually 1-hit a Jar Cannon with his ability. I’d predict A-tier, maybe even A+.

Mummy: Looks incredibly fun, but I don’t think it will be broken (especially not in an AOE meta lol), the main place where I could see it work would be as a early bank and then going aggressive to try and get a bunch of tempo from it (800 attack is enough to hunt most early game units that the opponent might summon - For example large map could be something like:

T1: Your opponent summons a Cassowary (or other 2-key) and two 1-keys. You respond with a total of 3 keys (could be three 1-keys or a 2 and 1-key).

T2: You summon Mummy and start running at your opponents smaller units with it (can move up to them and 1-hit most of them).

I’m predicting it to be a fairly average unit, maybe a bit above average (C-tier to C+).


Thank you! I was looking for a list of the new units, and your summaries are very helpful for my strategizing.