Sharing new phobie ideas

Love it :star_struck:
I know i already said it but the design, the Colors, the hab

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Thanks! I love your designs as well very unique and has lots of personality!

Here’s mine btw you guys are fantastic

(This is a pretty old picture but I just posted the picture but I changed the damage to 430)


Okay ik this is an old post but i still like to post this

We dont know much about him since hes more on the shy side, but he always brags about building
Hp: 1800
Atk: 390
atk range: 1
atk type: single target
Movement: 2, walking
race: dimensional
rarity: rare
keys: 6
special: building across. He builds a bridge making abysses and buildings walkable on, and it makes tiles like lava not damage you, including tiles like healing spas and stim pads. There are 2 podiums that make up the bridge that have 2500 hp which can be walked over and attacked on and they share the the amount of the attack on both podiums. If the bridge is destroyed while a phobie is on it the phobie dies in the abyss and on the building, but if it lands on a different tile it will give you the thing it will do at the end of the turn(like if you land on lava, it will damage you at the end of the turn like normal). You pick one spot for one podium and another spot for another podium (similar to heartbreaker) to make the bridge.
Range: 3
Cooldown: 2


Thats a lot of damage at level 1 AND it has a range of 2? Also what type of attack is it, does it lob, or is it aoe or what type is it?


I might change it too a 6 key instead and I may lower the damage a bit I’m kinda new to the game but with what i know probably lob im lowering his damage to 405 (so he’s kinda like klepto)

Here’s my new idea
Name Requiem
Rarety ultra rare
Cost 9 or 10
Movement 2 with fly
Attack other wall with 700dmg
Maby 400 more hp

Special hab not to sure but could either creat or remove void tiles that last 2 turns and take 3 to recharge

or could mark an enemy with his hab that take no turn to recharge if à phobie is mark 3 times it is instance kill

I quite like his normal attack design