What is your best combo of Phobies?

My best combo is:

My best combo is, to put the Batula and knight on the first turn. Focusing on the first enemy that comes in the turn (I usually switch between Batula and Knight depending on the phobie’s hp).

Damage alternatives: I can take 1 damage from some phobia when it approaches me, and still survive the next turn to do two more attacks. What generates 3 attacks plus the dimensional effect.

Another alternative that can happen, is that I can only do one damage and the diseased, for the phobie to hitkill. Totaling 1 attack and dimensional effect.

Damage calculator:

2 attack + dimensional (Batula): 240 x 3 = 720

2 attack + dimensional (Eternal Knight): 480 x 3 = 1440

1 attack + dimensional (Batula): 240 x 2 = 480

1 attack + dimensional (Eternal Knight): 480 x 2: 980

(Batula + Eternal Knight): 4 attacks + 2 dimensional: 1440 + 720 = 2120


2 attacks + 2 dimensional: 940 + 480 = 1440

Why is it so strong?

It’s a very strong combo, because both are dimensional and cost few keys. The dimensional effect is a great finisher for enemies, being able to kill Phobies with a lot of HP or leave them with low health, for just 3 keys. Even serving to kill the Jar Canon, with the dimensional effect of Eternal Knight.

(Sorry for bad english, im Brazilian).

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