Which is the most useless phobie?

To make him work I think the range on the trap needs to be at least 3 so that you can place it somewhere relevant on the turn that Baba Yaga spawns, as well as allow them to be placed over walls/phobies.

Traps are actually really powerful. I win a lot of games with the 3 key trap plant. I’ve used babayaga before as well and won, His AoE is brutal. The only reason I don’t use him as much now is because my opponent will more likely pull out the anti-trap guy. While poeple generally don’t for the low key trappers.

Play style with traps matters a lot, you need to play more defensively with them. Try to litter a bunch of traps before trying anything too offencive and just hold on half the points in the mean time. Even if your enemy has more points than you, you wont lose right away, your base can take a lot of hits before its too late.

When do you usually try to bring Babayaga out? You can do it as early as 2nd turn, though you won’t have a ton of bodies on the field yet. Is he more of a mid game Phobie?

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Depends on small or large maps:

  • small maps: Mid game. Small maps are best to start with low cost units. Small maps are more conjested so his AoE effect as more chance of catching a few units.
  • Large maps, 5 keys is no longer an issue at early game, though I would still bring a few small units first.

There is no real turn limits except for your heart to die off. But that can take forever if you only have 1 point diference. So even if you pull traps late in the game, you can still have time to lay a bunch. Also, the later you pull a trap guy, the less likely they will counter with the anti-trap guy. (due to lack of keys, etc).

If you get rushed while turtling and placing traps… Great, the closer to your keyhole, the easier to bring out units and have them in range right out of spawn.

There are 5 or 6 Phobies that can lay traps. One trap every 3 turns is tricky. Four is a lot. On bigger maps this strategy really shines. You got one of the legs of Exodia

Yeah, when he dies, he can simply counter

I have not been able to figure out both Attractor and Repeller. They seem so squishy and do so little damage that it seems like they can’t do anything.

They’re actually pretty good phobies. I recently got Repeller and here’s my thoughts about it:

Good sides:

  • Sniper (3 tile range)
  • Ability to push back multiple phobies at the same time
  • Very useful for shooting from long distances and ranged fights

Bad sides:

  • Kinda low health and damage, but Jar Cannon is also a sniper phobie and has low health and damage, so it’s not that bad
  • Slow
  • Not useful for melee fights and capturing panic points

To be honest, I actually find Muffintop very useful.

For example, in any Small Map that I am in, when my non-Undead Phobies get hurt, I can quickly bring them close to the Spawn Point, bring out Muffintop, and get a quick heal for them, allowing me to use my favorite offensive Phobies a little more!

I actually love using Muffintop this strategic way. The opponents can get surprised that the Phobie was able to heal back all of a sudden, and it can also bring us closer to victory! :slight_smile:

I think all cards are very strong when played strategically, and at a good time.
But if I were to choose, then for my useless card, I pick AWOL (the thumb) like some other players have chosen above. This card does have good Damage, but can lose in one hit by mostly all Phobies, with its low Health amount. I have only used this Phobie in the beginning of my gameplay, but now I like using other 1 Key Phobies with their balanced Health and Damage. But I might use AWOL when a good chance comes in battles!

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Muffintop + Stabby :weary: :ok_hand:
It works too well sometime

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Oh, I can’t wait to get Stabby and then try this combo out! Thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

I posted this when I couldn’t find a useful use for muffintop. :eyes:
Now I have more appreciation for that cupcake. :cupcake:

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imagine your opponent who went so hard to cripple the stabby only to find it back in full health in the next round with some love in the air :joy:

i prefer muffin to do this than clinico. it requires not much of a commitment and the spare keys can be utilized for other phobies.

i call this the jumpscare stabby cause that is how i felt first time encountering one :smiling_face_with_tear:

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The best thing about Muffintop is that you can sacrifice it the turn you played it and then play something else. It’s great when you already have 4 phobies on the board and you need to play something impactful.

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you wrong, i use him a lot