Dreadful Pack

I purchased a dreadful pack in the store and in the description of the pack it says guarenteed at least 1 new Ultra rare phobie when purchasing the first pack. This is either misleading or an error because I only recieved one NEW Phobie and it was only of common rarity. If this guarentee is not the case then please change the info listed for the pack, if this was just an error I would like to have something done about it because the expectation I had was to get at least an Ultra Rare phobie.

It is guaranteed, therefore it must be an error.

Could you please tell us your in game name, the device you’re playing the game on, the operative system you’re using, a brief description of the issue, the steps you took until said issue (hence if you bought it by lippy’s deal, or something along those lines) and provide a picture of said pack you opened?

That information ,alongside logs, should be sent to community@smokingguninc.com so it can be fixed as soon as posible.

In case you need help with how to get the logs, here’s a link How to REPORT A BUG

If there’s anything else you need help with, please feel free to tell me and I’ll answer as soon as posible!